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The Spinal Unit

The Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery (CSSS) is based at Queen’s Medical Centre of the Nottingham University Hospitals, one of the largest university hospitals in Europe.The CSSS is embedded in the Muskuloskeletal and Neurosciences Directorate together with the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery, Neurosurgery and Neurology.The seven fulltime consultants and one part time consultant of the CSSS provide extensive collective knowledge and experience in dealing with the entire range of spinal pathologies.



Spinal Surgery is our passion. Spinal surgeons usually have a background in orthopaedic and trauma surgery or neurosurgery as there is an overlap in training in both these specialities. In order to gain proficiency in the complex field of spinal surgery several years of fellowship are usually necessary which only individuals of above average dedication are willing to undertake. Our spinal unit is proud to have grown into an exceptionally dedicated team exclusively caring for patients with spinal problems and is internationally recognised as one of the leaders in spinal research, surgery and training.






Last updated: October 2020

Education and Research

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The Spinal Unit

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