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(In alphabetical order by last name)


Dr Sultan Alkaalbani

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Dr Ahmed Aly

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Dr Olakunle Badmus

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Dr Rakesh Dhake

Dr Dhake graduated from Seth G.S.Medical college and King Edwards Hospital, Mumbai, India, following which he completed speciality training in orthopaedics from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College & General Hospital in Mumbai, India. During the last year of his speciality training, and an another year after completion of his postgraduate training, he was working as registrar and senior registrar respectively in a spine unit when he developed immense interest in the field, having been exposed to a vast majority of spine cases including trauma, deformity, infection,etc.

Dr Dhake then decided to take this interest ahead and went to Budapest's National Centre for Spinal Disorders for a short term fellowship followed by an another one month in Lisbon at CHLC Spine Centre.

In March 2018, he was selected for the first six month combined fellowship by IASA (Indo-American spine Alliance) at Park Clinic, Kolkata, where he worked alternate months with an Orthopaedic spine surgeon and Neurospine surgeon, and was fortunate to have spent one month at Virginia Mason Medical centre in Seattle, USA, as a part of the IASA fellowship.

Dr Dhake holds immense interest in the field of research and has published few articles in PubMed indexed national and international journals.

He started a spinal fellowship in the Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals, in February 2019 to observe and learn the best spinal practices and imbibe the same to deliver better care for those that need it.



Dr Kubilay Ece

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Dr Akshay Gadia

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Dr Galateia Katzouraki

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Dr Johnathan Koch

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Dr Shah Siddharth

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Dr Darko Stipic

After graduation at School of Medicine, University of Rijeka, Croatia, Darko Stipic completed neurosurgical training at UHC “Sisters of Charity” in Zagreb, Croatia. He is a holder of European Spine Course Diploma. Since his primary interest has always been spine surgery, he visited France on two occasions in order to undergo two, three-month fellowships in reputable French spinal centers: University Hospital “Caen” and Hôpital P Wertheimer, University Hospital Center Lyon (Campus France Scholarship).

Darko was a member of the founding committee of the Croatian Society for Spine Surgery (2010) and currenty, he is EuSSAB (European Spine Societies Advisory Board) representative of Croatian Society for Vertebrology.

As EuSSAB national representative, he Initiated institutional memberships of two Croatian Spine societies in the EuroSpine. The Spine Society of Europe. Furthermore, he Initiated the process of creation of the Croatian Spine Surgery Educational Curriculum on the basis of the Eurospine educational platform.

At present, he is a member of AO Spine and EuroSpine foundation.

He was Involved in a large number of pituitary operations as a part of the multidisciplinary team of Croatia’s referral Centre for pituitary diseases and surgery.

He published several articles, book chapters and presented on several international congresses. Currently, he is a PhD student and research associate on a project: “The role of regulatory T and NKT cells in control of tumour growth, burns and autoimmunity” at his primary medical school in Rijeka.

Darko joined The Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery in Nottingham in February 2018  in order to work alongside surgeons richly experienced in complex spinal operations. 



Dr Syed Taqvi

Syed received his MBBS from Punjab University in Pakistan in 2001, and received his MRCS from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh in 2009.

In March of 2014 he acquired a postgraduate diploma (PG.dip) in evidence-based medicine from Edge Hill University, Liverpool, and that August began employment as the Trust Registrar of Orthopaedics at Kettering General Hospital, remaining in post for a year before moving to the post of Trust Registrar of Orthopaedics at Northampton General Hospital in August of 2015 until the June of the next year.

In January 2017 Syed became Locum Registrar of Orthopaedics atGlan Clwyd Hospital, North Wales, until October 2017 when he moved to Yeovil District Hospital, Somerset, in the same position. Also in October 2017 he became a Fellow of the European Board of Trauma & Orthopaedics, and in February 2018 he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Also in February 2018 Syed accepted a fellowship at The Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery in Nottingham to learn from world-leading physicians in the field of spinal surgery.



Dr Ahmad Tarawneh 

Dr. Tarawneh completed his secondary education from the Jubilee school for gifted students in Jordan in 2003. He then completed medical school education from the University of Jordan. Following medical school, he pursued his post-graduate training in  Neurosurgery in Amman, Jordan. During his training, Dr. Tarawneh was exposed to a wide range of spinal pathologies including  degeneration, trauma, infection and tumors.

In August 2017, he participated in AOSpine short term fellowship in the Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery in Nottingham.


A year after, Dr. Tarawneh, passed the Jordanian Board in Neurosurgery ranking the first among all candidates.


Dr. Tarawneh has a keen interest in clinical research. He published a book chapter and presented in several local and international  congresses. He is a member of the AOSpine foundation and the European Association of Neurological Surgeons (EANS).


Dr. Tarawneh joined his spinal fellowship in the Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham  University Hospitals in January 2019 to learn from and work with world-leading spinal surgeons.






Last Updated: April 2019


Dr Johnathan Koch

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Dr Johnathan Koch

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Dr Johnathan Koch

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