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Centre for Spinal Studies & Surgery

Nottingham University Hospitals


Head of Spinal Surgery Service

Mr. Khalid Salem



John Tallamy - Specialty General Manager for Spines

Lisa Adams - Service Manager for Spines

Bryony Delmar - Deputy Service Manager for Spines


Spinal Surgeons


Consultant Spinal Surgeons

Mr. Nasir Quraishi

Mr. Khalid Salem

Mr. Masood Shafafy

Mr. Magnum Tsegaye

Mr. Wai Yoon

Mr. Daniel D'Aquino

Mr. Mohammed Patel


Associate Spinal Consultants

Mr. Ntritan Paskou


Associate Spinal Specialists

Mr. Ankur Goswami

Mr. Elie Najjar


Spinal Fellows

Mr. Mohamed Hassanin

Mr. Anish Isapure

Mr. Spyridon Komaitis

Mr. Naveen Pandita

Mr. Timothy Hammett

Mr. Nikhil Jain


Spinal Ward (D8)

The Spinal Unit is based in Ward D8 at the Queen's Medical Centre. It sees a mixture of elective, traumatic and oncological conditions. Surgery predominantly includes lumbar, thoracic, and cervical operations but also non-surgical conditions such as low back pain (both acute and chronic). It is a 29 bedded unit of both male and female patients.


Ward Sister

Emma Bramley


Deputy Ward Managers

Kayleigh Greaves

Betsy Thuluvath

Rebecca Shaw 



Harsha Alex

Erwin Almaiz

Bincey Baby

Jeenu Christopher

Nitta Devasia

Ekole Fotock

Fatima Ifhat

Serin Johnson

Natarnia Jones

Nikkita Marsden

Praisy Philip

Priyanka Presanna

Neethu Satheesh

Roslin Scaria 

Shazia Sharief

Meerabhai Sivan

Angel Tom

Leeba Varghese

Anju Wilson


Healthcare Assistants

Michelle Briggs 

Gillian Cragg

Alison Henderson

Lisa Jones

Liz Ledimo

Kierstienne Pap

Yvette Santiago

Annalise Sheppard

Isa Ulla-Khan

Cloe Walker

Faye Wood-Morley



Alistair Murray - Senior Physiotherapist

Kim Woodcock - Assistant Physiotherapy Practitioner


Occupational Therapists

Fiona Mcloughlin - Spinal Occupational Therapy Team Leader

Helen Bunker- Senior Occupational Therapist

Sophie Laker- Senior Occupational Therapist

Annette Seedhouse – Occupational Therapy Assistant


Ward Adminstrator

John Byrns


Ward Receptionist

Caroline Cooper


Ward Housekeeper

Margery Asher 


Discharge Coordinator

Tracey Price


Neuro Spinal Assessment Unit (NSAU) - ST3 Ward


Service Lead

Eleanor Dunstan 


Ward Matron

Angie Braley

Samuel Bennett


Extended Scope Practitioners

Carla Eveleigh

Ellie Hobbs

Helen Matthews

Kate Wiltshire

Matthew Dixon

Luke Ferreira

Alistair Christmas

Kamal Manek 

Louise Neal



Jeni McMorran

Amanda Richardson

Stephanie Gardner

Jane Sergeant


Healthcare Assistants

Melissa Nicol

Aleena Rahman


Hyperacute Neurology Unit (HANU)


Amy Laing

Alicia Savage

Richard Healey


Healthcare Assistants

Joseph Hayes

Marion Webb

Karen Wilkes


Ortho-Geriatric Consultants

Mr. Opinder Sahota

Mr. Mohammad Allaboudy


Spinal Nurse Practitioners

Ann Marriott - Scoliosis Nurse Practitioner

Stephanie Brown - Emergency Spinal Coordinator 

Joysy Jaison - Spinal Nurse Practitioner

Sarah Dillon - Spinal Nurse Practitioner

Marie Donaldson - Spinal Nurse Practitioner

Nicola Marsh - Osteoporosis Nurse Practitioner 

Teresa Hill-Daykin - Pre-Op and Anaesthetic Assessment Practitioner


Research Team

Mr Nasir Quraishi - Spinal Research Lead

Jo Curtis - Research Nurse

Robert Coats - Clinical Research Practitioner

Faris Karouni - Clinical Research Practitioner


Spinal Outpatients

Margaret Robinson - Sister, Spinal Clinic

Julie Beckett - Deputy Ward Manager, Spinal Clinc

Jinimol Chellappan-Pulickathottil - Staff Nurse, Spinal Clinic








Last updated: November 2020