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We welcome clinical visitors and observers to our department. If you are interested and would like to apply then the following information about the process will be useful.


Before you apply...

Before applying you will need to provide:

  • A copy of your CV
  • A letter of recommendation / supporting letter from your employer
  • When you are planning to come and how long you would like to visit for 
    (Please note that if you originate or lived in countries with high incidents of tuberculosis and you are coming to visit the unit for less than 2 weeks, you cannot scrub in until further blood test have been done. This takes at least 1-2 weeks for your blood test to be known. If this applies, please contact Nottingham Occupational Health Health Clearance Department at 0115 962 7646)
  • An indication of what types of surgery you will be most interested in (i.e. Scoliosis / degenerative lower back disorders, etc.)
  • Your address so that we can send you written confirmation


DBS and Occupational Health checks

If you are also intending to participate in patient care (e.g. being allowed to scrub in for cases, attend clinics etc) then you will need to apply for a DBS check (Criminal record check) under UK law. 

For further details please contact Human Resources:

Kieran Brown -


Your application

Guests wishing to attend surgery or clinics will need to register with our Human Resources Department and complete the following documentation in order to ensure indemnity and patient safety.

  • A valid VISA (subject to your dates and length of stay)
  • A Work Health Assessment Questionnaire

Please note that a £75 administration cost will also be required.

Who to contact

ext 81013 -  Dr. Donna-Marie Urbanowicz  (Fellowship  Co-Ordinator)

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Last updated: January 2018