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There are currently two Osteopaths working as Consultant Osteopaths in the Spinal Unit at the QMC. The Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery in Nottingham is the only Specialist Spinal Unit in the NHS which offers osteopathy as part of the care package, and has been doing so since 1999.  
Working as a member of the team in the Specialist Spinal Unit, the Osteopath has full access to investigative scans and tests for patients who will have already been assessed and screened by a Consultant Spinal Surgeon.  This makes it is possible to treat and manage patients with more complex spinal conditions with osteopathic manipulation and to determine what kind of osteopathic treatment is advisable and safe for these patients.  Consequently, we are able to offer help to patients who have undergone spinal surgery, have neurological symptoms (pins and needles, numbness, limb pain) and those with significant scoliosis. If necessary, the Osteopath is also able to refer patients for further investigations like imaging (MRI, CT scan or X-ray) and blood tests. Patients may also be referred back to the surgeon or to physiotherapy where appropriate. 

Outpatient Osteopathy Contacts:

Mr James Booth (Consultant Spinal Osteopath)

Mr Samuel Morris (Consultant Spinal Osteopath)





Last updated: April 2017