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In-Patient Physiotherapy

The Spinal unit has a team of physiotherapist working on the ward. The team consists of a team leader which specialises in spinal conditions their assessment and treatment, and a team of rotating staff with varying experience within the musculoskeletal division.The physiotherapists work closely alongside the consultants, doctors, nursing staff and other allied health professionals in or to help facilitate and maximise care to the patients on the ward.  Working in partnership with other health professionals enables the unit to provide a holistic approach to your in patient stay and management. Physiotherapy is concerned with providing services to people with the aim to develop, maintain and restore movement and functional ability for a variety of spinal conditions (elective procedures such as spinal decompressions/fusions to spinal fractures and spinal cord injuries). The physiotherapists in NUH are a dedicated and dynamic team of professionals who are passionate in delivering high quality healthcare.


Role of the physiotherapist

The main role of the physiotherapist is to assess patients post operatively looking at their neurology, respiratory function, functional ability, movement and mobility. A physiotherapy rehabilitation plan is then devised based on the patients previous level of mobility/function and/or any post operative problems. These are set on an individual basis dependent on the needs and problems of the patient.

Routinely the physiotherapists will assess and advise patients on the following:

  • Log rolling
  • How to get in/out of bed
  • Transfer bed to chair
  • Posture advice/re-education
  • Early exercises and advice
  • Mobility assessment and practice (In some cases a walking aid may need to be supplied to help with mobility)
  • Stairs practice (as required).
  • Home-talk advised booklet with relevant information/advice and exercises on their post operative management for when they go home.
  • Discussions of home/work/leisure situations

The physiotherapists will facilitate patients under going routine spinal procedures to return back to their previous level of function/mobility and a safe discharge home.

For the more complex conditions in particular spinal cord injuries a more structured and patient centred rehabilitation approach is required. Physiotherapy is based on facilitation of neurological deficits, posture and positioning, range of movement exercises, and functional activities.When appropriate, patients will be referred to out-patient physiotherapy for continuing treatment and rehabilitation for their condition. In some cases patients may be referred onto rehabilitation units/hospitals for ongoing rehabilitation.


Ward D8 Physiotherapy Team

Kamal Manek - Spinal Physiotherapy Team Leader

Alistair Murray - Senior Physiotherapist

Kim Woodcock - Assistant Physiotherapy Practitioner

Dawn Brooks - Therapy Assistant


Last updated: May 2017